Toshiba Super Digital Inverter Ducted System 7.1kW Ducted Reverse Cycle RAV-SM806BTP-E



The Toshiba Digital Inverter series air conditioners combine economy and ecology in a compact body. They feature state of the art technology, flexible control and easy installation to bring natural comfort and convenience to any business environment. Toshiba ducted air conditioning is a fantastic solution to controlling the temperature of multiple rooms or an entire home. Toshiba’s Inverter ducted air conditioning systems allow you to air condition your home without having to install the indoor units on your wall, making your home look neat and tidy.

Type Reverse Cycle

Capacities 5kW, 7.1kW, 10kW, 12.5kW

Refrigerant R410A

Power Supply Single Phase


DC Hybrid Inverter
The Toshiba Air Conditioning hybrid inverter combines two compressor control modules to maintain natural comfort with maximum energy efficiency.

Hot Start
When using the heater for preheating or defrosting, stops the indoor fan to prevent cold air from being blown into the room.

Air Volume Control
Depending on the difference between the room temperature and the set temperature, switches automatically between High, Low and Very Low.

Twin Rotary Compressor
This compressor can reduce energy consumption when operated in long stable conditions by the adoption of a high-pressure refrigerant. High efficiency is evident in low speed operation ranges.

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