Breezair Icon 11.6kW Evaporative Cooler-EXQ170 Terracotta



Enjoy the benefits of the Breezair Icon range which is a proven high performer for your home. The Breezair Icon range is a proven high performer. Enjoy the benefits of natural and energy efficient cooling with a premium ultra-quiet and energy-efficient Breezair Icon range.

Type Evaporative Cooler

Capacity 11.6kW

Power Supply Single Phase

Control MagIQcool Control (standard) packed inside each unit


Uses the minimum amount of water to achieve high efficiency cooling with water quality monitoring to maximise water savings.

With the automatic sealing system it reduces need for winter cover.

Program Mode
Programmable 7 day, 4 time period program, customisable to suit your lifestyle (including a temporary over-ride function).

World’s first fully automated pad cleansing capability enables you to set and forget ensuring your cooling pads remain clean, fresh and functional all summer long, season after season.

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