Hitachi Premium Ducted 10kW Ducted Reverse Cycle RPI-4.0FSN2SQ



The Hitachi ducted range offers DC inverter control and the ability to achieve superior operating efficiency. With intelligent design and features you will have total temperature control and airflow of your ducted system at the touch of a button. The space saving design allows for easy installation especially in limited roof space homes. Beautiful aesthetic design fused with energy efficiency creates a balanced blend for your home.

Type Reverse Cycle

Capacities 10kW Cool / 11.2kW Heat

Refrigerant R410A

Power Supply Single Phase


Compact Design
Downsizing has led to a dramatic reduction in the footprint of the range compared with previous models. This has made installation easier and improved maintenance access.

DC Inverter
A DC compressor offers improved performance during periods of extended operation. It also features a split rotor with displaced electrical poles, enabling the suppression of electromagnetic noise.

Quiet Operation
Advancements in the blade design and optimisation of the inlet and outlet angles have led to an increase in efficiency while still maintaining low operating noise levels.

Wave Mode
When activated by an external command, this function cycles the system between full-power and a pre-selected reduced power setting every 10 to 20-minutes until the command is cancelled. Wave Mode results in lower average power usage and cost savings.

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