Mitsubishi Electric Ceiling Concealed 3 Phase 20KW Ducted Reverse Cycle PEARP200YKIT

Controller: Standard


For elegance and style, the PEA Series compliments the room with aesthetically pleasing ceiling installation and a vast line-up of performance functions. 

With Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Inverter Systems, climate control is at the touch of a button. Mitsubishi ducted units are ideal for multiple room applications and can incorporate zone control for complete control. Cool or warm air is ducted quietly throughout the home through diffusers positioned in the ceiling, wall or floor.

Type Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)

Capacities 18.9kW Cool / 22.4kW Heat

Refrigerant R410A

Power Supply 3 Phase


Flexible Duct Design
A flexible duct design and 150Pa external static high-pressure are incorporated. The increased variation in airflow options ensures operation that best matches virtually all room layouts.

Quiet Operation
Noise affects comfort, with improvements to fan blades combined with grille shape to the outdoor unit, it’s even quieter when in low noise mode.

Uninterrupted Design
Mitsubishi Electric ducted systems allow for a range of diffuser designs to best suit your home decor. Talk to your installer about what is right for you.

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